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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The honor of the French Gendarmerie - Pierre-Olivier Combelles

The honor of the French Gendarmerie - Pierre-Olivier Combelles:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the body of a stationery wholesaler, I met two policemen who came to shop for office supplies. In uniform, boots, their motorcycles parked outside the store entrance, they waited politely until I finish to request information to the cashier. Seeing the left sleeve of their blue jacket of France, the shield decorated with three fleurs de lys on a blue field, I spoke to them telling them that they were probably the only body to wear the French military royal arms of France on the uniform. Smile, one of two policemen then asked me if I knew what those three lilies represented almost immediately adding: "The Father, Son and Holy Spirit." I replied that I knew and that William of Nangis had written during the Middle Ages, it was also guarded by the Faith and Wisdom Chivalry. They explained that this was the badge of the police fleurdelysé Ile-de-France and they were different for each region of France, the Auvergne volcanoes representative example.

It is our honor to wear and gendarmerie, with dignity, on the blue uniform of France, the eternal symbol of Christian France and royal nation free, fair, high, generous.